Teddy -berns:)

Berner Sennenhund for a certain reason is within the top-ten of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Although in Ukraine this breed is still very small in number, but these days it enjoys a stable popularity, and that is obviously due to its imposing appearance and practically hassle-free nature.

Due to its strong health, relatively low need in movement, as well as well-known ability to self-education and easiness in training this dog breed gets more and more popularity as a companion dog.

A stable psychology and good-natured temper make anyone not to be afraid of conflicts either with humans or other dogs.

When you continually communicate with Berners you actually get an impression that their actions are quitre well-thought, as they have an intellect being that close to a human one. These dogs manifest their emotions with a disarming immediateness and you can see as they are simply "impressed" on their "faces".

The mission of our breeding farm is to present people with a joy from communication with their pets.

We ourselves jokingly call them - "antidepressants":)

"Who says that it’s impossible to buy happiness – simply never bought a puppy :)"



Lola + Nobel
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Our kennel proudly presents U-litter - grandkids of worldwide known Elenberner BOMOND (Macho) and ODYSSEUS!!!
Dad: Nobel Pride of Justin
Mom: High Oaks J-Lo
PEDIGREE: http://ingrus.net/berner/en/testmating.php?female=17986&male=31579
Born 19, June 2018
4 boys and 2 girls

ALBUM is here


Breathtaking news in our kennel! After a very long break we are proud to introduce our BERNESE T-litter!!!

WE have 1 handsome boy and 3 beautiful girls)))))

Follow them:

HIGH OAKS J-Lo + Int Ch Fabled Kkleos Man Taj Posejdonas
Beautiful tender Italian princess and harsh Lithuanian knight become parents 22, January 2015!!!

Enjoy with us - KAILASH Kisses of Fortune, the one and only Prince!!!


Photoalbum is HERE




Semi + Dorado

At 7 of November was successfully born a daughter of Kandi’s daughter Semiramida!! So we call it Donya (in Ukrainian it is like “lovely small daughter”), well, the full name would be: Donna Kisses of Fortune.

Proud of our dad, it's - Eldorado Mocny Akord, a young and very promising guy! His photographs, genealogy and titles can be found here.

The little girl is going to be very promising, because in her veins there is a cocktail of bloods of such famous berneses, such as:

Bernerdalens YANNIS, Zorbha van't Stokerybos, Igor v. Rudiswill, Nana's Odin Widowitsch!


1 week old, 680 gr 10 days old, 1.000kg! 2 weeks old, 1.300kg
Kandi + Carl


At 5, February 2012 were born three wonderful sons and a beautiful daughter out of handsome father Carl Maximillian Moravian Hurricane and sweet mother Kandi Alpine Family.

Carl Maximillian Moravian Hurricane has been imported from famous Czech kennel and for this moment has tituls: Junior Champion of Ukraine, Champion of Ukraine, Junior Grand Champion of Ukraine, Ch Moldova, CH Georgia! Long-awaited babies justified our expectations - ALL perfectly painted, healthy with strong bones.

Album with photos on our Facebook page here)

To see pictures of each puppy, click on his name below the picture.
Bella Kisses of Fortune Brabus Kisses of Fortune Boucheron Kisses of Fortune Boscar Kisses of Fortune
Kandi + Timmi

Our experienced mom Kandyusha already had six gorgeous guys from Han Wan Timmy. Pope in his two years is already Junior Champion and Champion of Ukraine. His active show career is just beginning!

Completely new for Ukraine, the elite of the best blood of the breed in Austria / Switzerland give a complete guarantee of high quality offspring. In my little son - smart heads, powerful skeleton, elegant color.

Boy 1.


Boy 2.


Boy 3.


Boy 4.


Boy 5.



Boy 6.



Kandi + Evgraf

From a lovely young couple Candy the Alpine Family + the Sennenhund of Russia Evgraf were born their first children: 3 boys and 3 girls))) At the time of puppies’ birth their dad won the title of the Champion of Ukraine. We are proud of this handsome boy!

Boy 1.


Girl 1.


Boy 2.


Girl 2.


Boy 3.


Girl 3.