The first days in a new home

Buying a puppy - it is responsible. Should be aware that this is not a toy, and not even funny pet - a full-fledged member of your family, which with proper care and education will please you for years. After buying a small lump of wool, every owner wants it grew smart, cheerful, healthy and well-mannered. Because only the owner of the dog depends on how obedient and trained to be your pet, because those habits which he acquired as a puppy, long entrenched in his character.

If you want to be a good host dog, before purchasing a puppy is to consider several important aspects:
- provide personal territory dogs to house her bed and a place for feeding;

- read specialized literature on caring for a puppy to get acquainted with the breed of diet and the conditions of her detention, or else consult a specialist;

- see the schedule vaccinating a puppy;

- choose a vet (clinic) to which you then will ask for help and advice, see schedule, address and telephone number.

The first day the puppy a new home is invariably accompanied by stress, because only a few hours ago, he was surrounded by his relatives, beloved mother and sisters, brothers, and now he is in a strange place for himself, alone, surrounded by strangers. And only depends on you how impressionable it will be for this moment, now you're for him and my father and mother, and breadwinner, and one for entertainment. Now, you are entirely responsible for his mental and physical health.

First we need to allow the puppy to explore his new home, sniff and examine everything. At this time, people around the puppy to behave calmly and kindly, is to speak low tones, and more soft and gentle voice. Forced to attract the attention of the puppy is not recommended, because he is after exploring his new home will pay attention to you.


After a little puppy to learn, you can feed it with something tasty, and if the puppy feels uncomfortable, then ask him to take a treat from your hand, then there is his pet and praise the gentle and soft voice. The first dog did not pay attention to the words, and the tone so soft tone will calm the puppy, and warm hands will give him confidence in the actions. Over time, your puppy will calm down, stop your fear and will feel at home. As soon as he can eat independently from the bowl, you need to stop feeding from your hand, because then it can lead to begging and demand feeding only in this way.

The next thing that you should pay attention - this is a toilet. After all, a dog like any living creature wants to celebrate after eating their natural need. If at the time of purchase your puppy is vaccinated, then you can walk with him on the street, and if not, then arrange the necessary toilet in the apartment. This may be a plastic toilet filled with a special one-off or a diaper that instantly absorbs all the isolation and odors. In other matters, you can use plain paper and, in this case, the dog's toilet just will not be as hygienic ..

Once the dog will do his business, it should be praised. This tells her that she's doing all right. However, if later the puppy will leave little "bombs" in other places of the apartment, to scold him is only if you caught him on the "crime scene". Otherwise, this method of education will cause the puppy just upset because even 5 minutes after the offense has a dog does not understand what she did wrong, and blamed her for that.

Once the puppy will be a course of vaccinations should be required to make out after each meal, so very quickly you can teach your puppy to clean toilets and refuse to house. For example, the working breeds dogs for about 3 months to begin to ask on the street for a walk. The main thing to pay attention to the puppy, he himself will tell when it needs to go outside. Otherwise he may decide that if you ignore his request, then decide that you do not need it, and he was even more so. However, it is not so wrong. The less you're lazy, the more accustom the puppy to schedule and avoid many problems.

Especially important for a puppy his first night in the new house. It is possible that when all is asleep, the puppy will be a sad and lonely, and it can be a bit poskulivat. For it to feel comfortable in the new location and quickly settled down, it is necessary to build a warm nest for the baby. This may be a special lager or a house for a dog, you can put in there and some toys, especially if there is at least one toy from its old home, you can ask the owners when purchasing a puppy. So he would feel more comfortable. Also, before going to bed you can feed it than a hearty and nutritious, it will contribute to robust and healthy sleep. After a few days the puppy gradually get used to new surroundings and will feel comfortable. Just do not be feeling sorry for the puppy and take him to his bed, otherwise it is very likely that it will soon get used to it and will not be so easy to cure him of this habit.

In addition, puppies, like all kids, need a long sleep, so you should provide your puppy quiet peace and tranquility throughout the day. If you see that your puppy will become sluggish and closes his eyes and take it to bed and ensure peace. If your family has young children, should be clearly explained to them that moment, that if the puppy is sleeping, it is possible to look and be touched, but to touch and awaken in any case impossible.

Do not forget that in the 2-2.5 month puppy is above all a young child, helpless and nesmyshleny, but at the same time and very inquisitive. So you should take care of most of its security, to remove all sharp objects, hide and conceal the wire outlet, is also to protect the puppy from exposure to toxic chemicals and electrical equipment, which can inflict injury.

Of course from the moment in your home came a puppy worries and concerns you have will be more, especially while it is still small. But it is worth remembering one simple rule - the less you will be lazy, the fewer problems you experience in the future.