Papillon (French for - Butterfly) - a continental toy spaniel. An elegant, harmoniously composed of a dog, gay with a very lively disposition. Easily breaks all the stereotypes about the stupidity and hysteria dogs decorative rocks. Her proud bearing stresses the dignity and grace, reminding us that this is a favorite dog empresses and queens. Obedient and loyal to the owner, easy to train. In the ranking intelligence of dogs takes pride of place 9. Despite the tiny size, has good health, endurance and indefatigable.
Litter "R" (MIRABELLA + Bruno)

Black&white (like Daddy) girl and tricolore (like Mommy) girl and boy was born 16, February 2017!!!

Sire: INTER CH, MultiCH Bruno Banani vom Cavalierchen (Germany)
Dam: J GR CH, CH Mirabella Kisses of Fortune

P-litter Emily Kisses of Fortune + Bruno Banani vom Cavalierchen

So long awaited kids were born in our kennel 28, December 2016.

WELCOME: PEACH Kisses of Fortune (Persi) black&white girl, PROSPER Kisses of Fortune (Prosha) white&mahagone sable boy and PLUTO Kisses of Fortune, black&white boy.

Look how nice are we growing!!!

O-litter Hundebudens KOSMA Pondabudens + Arnold Kisses of Fortune

The one and only))))) Such a big pup was born in our kennel just Christmas eve, we are totaly in love)))))


Follow how he is growing here)))

N-litter Hundebudens KOSMA Pondabudens + ARNOLD Kisses of Fortune

Three heroes, or rather, one hero and two hero-girls , were born April 5, 2016! 180, 190 and 200 gr !!! Redhead-girl, Black&White-girl and Sable-boy are later received their adult names: NOUSHA Kisses of Fortune, NADIYA Kisses of Fortune and NIKE Kisses of Fortune.

How grow this dream-litter you can see here

L-litter Tamriko Vita Kalambina + Rivas Ross KELVIN Klein

This princess in a hurry to be born))) In addition, she wanted to be the one and only. Princess decided - princess made ! So, June 20, 2015 a miracle weight 99 grams honored us with her appearance in this world.

Brilliant Father Rivas Ross KELVIN Klein boasts little daughter), and we are proud of it, because of following:

J CH UA, J CH RUS, SUPER GRAND CH UA, CH RUS, GRCH MOL, GRCH BG, GRCH GE, CH CY, CH CG, СН UKU, Best of the Best of Breed in Ukraine

Princesse's photoalbum HERE

G-litter Hundebudens KOSMA Pondabudens + ARNOLD Kisses of Fortune

This is Double mating awesome breeding pair: our germany princess HUNDEBUDENS KOSMA PONDABUDENS and our breeding male CH ARNOLD KISSES OF FORTUNE!

2 boys and 1 girl was born at 8, January 2015. All are white&sable and have perfect markings!!!


How are they grow, please see here:



I-litter Tamriko Vita Kalambina + EASY BREEZE OLGIS

Our Queen Kika (Tamriko Vita Kalambina) gave birth to awesome boy 24, August - Independence Day of Ukraine!!!

Proud father is EASY BREEZE OLGIS (Chopin de Pompadour + Miss Kitty vom Cavalierchen)

His own photo-album:)


M-litter Hundebudens KOSMA Pondabudens + ARNOLD Kisses of Fortune

March 13, 2014 the long-awaited babies were born out of our German beauty Hundebudens KOSMA Pondabudens from our magnificent son ARNOLD Kisses of Fortune.

Two princesses Masia (blac&white) and Basia (classic tricolore) grow and delight us every moment :-)

A-litter Tamriko Vita Kalambina + Bruno Banani vom Cavalierchen

The first litter of Papillons was born in our kennel January 17, 2012. Mom - our young princess Tamriko Vita Kalambina, dad - a very famous stud dog (imp. Germany), Bruno Banani vom Cavalierchen:

Junior Champion Germany, Champion of Ukraine, Champion of Montenegro, Champion of Bulgaria, Grand Champion of Bulgaria, Balkan Champion, Champion of Macedonia, Champion of Moldova.

Two beautiful white-sable Princes, at birth called Mom’s and Dad's, subsequently received the proud names Archibald (personal photo gallery) and Arnold (personal photo gallery).

E-litter Tamriko Vita Kalambina + Semitsvetik Mickey Majestic

Papillons second litter was born June 8, 2013. Mom - our queen Tamriko Vita Kalambina (Kika) and Dad of two kids

Emily Kisses of Fortune & Eric Kisses of Fortune became

Semitsvetik Mickey Majestic (Patrick):

JCh Russia, Ch Ukraine , Ch Russia, RKF Ch, Ch Bulgaria, Romania, the Balkan countries, Montenegro, Macedonia and Georgia.

Papillon Breed Standard

FCI Breed Standard

General Appearance
The Papillon is a small, friendly, elegant toy dog of fine-boned structure, light, dainty and of lively action; distinguished from other breeds by its beautiful butterfly-like ears.
Size, Proportion, Substance
Size - Height at withers, 8 to 11 inches. Fault - Over 11 inches. Disqualification - Over 12 inches. Proportion - Body must be slightly longer than the height at withers. It is not a cobby dog. Weight is in proportion to height. Substance - Of fine-boned structure.

Eyes dark, round, not bulging, of medium size and alert in expression. The inner corners of the eyes are on line with the stop. Eye rims black. Ears - The ears of either the erect or drop type should be large with rounded tips, and set on the sides and toward the back of the head. (1) Ears of the erect type are carried obliquely and move like the spread wings of a butterfly. When alert, each ear forms an angle of approximately 45 degrees to the head. The leather should be of sufficient strength to maintain the erect position. (2) Ears of the drop type, known as the Phalene, are similar to the erect type, but are carried drooping and must be completely down. Faults - Ears small, pointed, set too high; one ear up, or ears partly down. Skull - The head is small. The skull is of medium width and slightly rounded between the ears. A well-defined stop is formed where the muzzle joins the skull. Muzzle - The muzzle is fine, abruptly thinner than the head, tapering to the nose. The length of the muzzle from the tip of the nose to stop is approximately one-third the length of the head from tip of nose to occiput. Nose black, small, rounded and slightly flat on top. The following fault shall be severely penalized - Nose not black. Lips tight, thin and black. Tongue must not be visible when jaws are closed. Bite - Teeth must meet in a scissors bite. Faults - Overshot or undershot.

Neck, Topline, Body
Neck of medium length. Topline - The backline is straight and level. Body - The chest is of medium depth with ribs well sprung. The belly is tucked up. Tail long, set high and carried well arched over the body. The tail is covered with a long, flowing plume. The plume may hang to either side of the body. Faults - Low-set tail; one not arched over the back, or too short.

Shoulders well developed and laid back to allow freedom of movement. Forelegs slender, fine-boned and must be straight. Removal of dewclaws on forelegs optional. Front feet thin and elongated (hare-like), pointing neither in nor out.

Well developed and well angulated. The hind legs are slender, fine-boned, and parallel when viewed from behind. Hocks inclined neither in nor out. Dewclaws, if any, must be removed from hind legs. Hind feet thin and elongated (hare-like), pointing neither in nor out.

Abundant, long, fine, silky, flowing, straight with resilient quality, flat on back and sides of body. A profuse frill on chest. There is no undercoat. Hair short and close on skull, muzzle, front of forelegs, and from hind feet to hocks. Ears well fringed, with the inside covered with silken hair of medium length. Backs of the forelegs are covered with feathers diminishing to the pasterns. Hind legs are covered to the hocks with abundant breeches (culottes). Tail is covered with a long, flowing plume. Hair on feet is short, but fine tufts may appear over toes and grow beyond them, forming a point.

Always parti-color or white with patches of any color(s). On the head, color(s) other than white must cover both ears, back and front, and extend without interruption from the ears over both eyes. A clearly defined white blaze and noseband are preferred to a solidly marked head. Symmetry of facial markings is desirable. The size, shape, placement, and presence or absence of patches of color on the body are without importance. Among the colors there is no preference, provided nose, eye rims and lips are well pigmented black.

The following faults shall be severely penalized - Color other than white not covering both ears, back and front, or not extending from the ears over both eyes. A slight extension of the white collar onto the base of the ears, or a few white hairs interspersed among the color, shall not be penalized, provided the butterfly appearance is not sacrificed. Disqualifications - An all white dog or a dog with no white.

Free, quick, easy, graceful, not paddlefooted, or stiff in hip movements.

Happy, alert and friendly. Neither shy nor aggressive.

Height over 12 inches.
An all white dog or a dog with no white.


How to get a butterfly from a cocoon)))
How to get a butterfly from a cocoon - please see the modifications gallery)))